Selecting Regression Tests

Regression Testing :

It is a common practice that when a defect is fixed, two forms of testing are done on the fixed code. The first is confirmation testing to verify that the fix has actually fixed the defect and the second is regression testing to ensure that the fix hasn’t broken existing functionality.

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Verification & Validation – Definition | Key Differences / Comparison

Verification and Validation are most frequently used terms in the software testing but the meaning of these terms are mostly vague and confusing.

Here is the short article to describe the meaning of each term and the differences in two.

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Software Quality Assurance (QA) v/s Software Quality Control (QC)

The terms Quality Assurance and Quality Control are often used interchangeably in the IT industry with testing professionals; many times, I have observed people talking about Quality Assurance when they actually mean is Quality Control.

Although QA and QC are closely related concepts of quality management, they are fundamentally different. Let’s see those key differences.

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Software Testing Terminologies : Severity & Priority

I’ve noticed, many people seem to get confused about Severity & Priority. There is also much conflicting information out there on the web so decided to have a nice explanation put together about severity, Priority & the differences in two.

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