Mobile Apps Functional Testing & Automation Tutorials

Mobile Apps Functional Testing & Automation Tutorials

This Comprehensive Set of Tutorials Covers :

  • Mobile Applications Testing Basics :- Mobile Testing Challenges, Approach,  Types of Mobile Apps, Emulators v/s Simulators & Real Mobile,  User Agent Switcher, Google’s UI Automator Viewer etc.
  • Mobile Apps Automation Testing Tools Training & LIVE Demo :- Robotium (+Recorder), CATJS,  Selendroid, Appium, Borland Silk Mobile, TenKod EZ TestApp, Ranorex Studio, Experitest SeeTest etc.
  • Android Development Tools (ADT), Android Screen Monitor (ASM)



Mobile Applications Testing – Challenges & Approach, Strategy

Testing mobile applications is more complex, time consuming and costly process compared to traditional desktop and web applications testing as mobile applications need to be tested on various mobile devices and operating system under different network conditions.

In this technical article, I will explain various challenges involved in mobile applications testing.

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