Android Development Tools (ADT) – Installing Eclipse Plugin – Android Apps Development & Testing

Eclipse IDE used to be part of Android SDK before however it has been pushed out of development with official release of Android studio by Google.

Even though eclipse is not included in Android studio, Android offers a custom plugin for Eclipse IDE, called Android Development Tools or in short ADT. This plugin extends the capabilities of Eclipse to let you quickly set up new Android projects to build, debug and test android apps.

Steps for Installing Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin to Eclipse:

  • Start Eclipse, then go to Help menu and select “Install New Software”
  • Click Add button, in the top-right corner.
  • In the Add Repository dialog that appears, enter “ADT ” in the Name and mentioned URL in Location ( Then, click OK.
  • In the Available Software dialog, select the checkbox next to “Developer Tools” and click Next.
  • In next window, you’ll see a list of the tools to be downloaded. Select All & Click Next.
  • Read and accept the license agreements, then click Finish.
  • ADT plugin installation will start and take a while to complete.
  • If you get a security warning, just click on OK button to continue.
  • When the installation completes, Eclipse will prompt for restart. Click on OK to restart eclipse.


Once Eclipse restarts, specify the location of Android SDK directory.

Now, the Eclipse IDE is set to develop and test Android apps. Before you start, you may need to add the latest SDK platform tools to your environment.