Selecting Regression Tests

Regression Testing :

It is a common practice that when a defect is fixed, two forms of testing are done on the fixed code. The first is confirmation testing to verify that the fix has actually fixed the defect and the second is regression testing to ensure that the fix hasn’t broken existing functionality.

It is important to note that the same principle applies when a new feature or functionality is added to the existing application. In the case of new functionality being added, tests can verify that the new features work as per the requirement and design specifications while regression testing can show that the new code hasn’t broken any existing functionality.


Selecting Tests for Regression Testing :

  • A regression test suite should, at a minimum, cover the basic workflow of typical business case scenarios
  • Tests which are important to the application domain should always be included in the regression suite
  • Tests which have revealed defects in the previous versions of the application are also a good candidate to be included in the regression suite
  • Include the test cases for functionalities which have undergone more and recent changes