Selecting Regression Tests

Regression Testing :

It is a common practice that when a defect is fixed, two forms of testing are done on the fixed code. The first is confirmation testing to verify that the fix has actually fixed the defect and the second is regression testing to ensure that the fix hasn’t broken existing functionality.

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Android Screen Monitor – Projecting (Mirroring) Android Mobile Screen on Computer

You might have come across a situation where you are supposed to show mobile device screen on a desktop, laptop screens; may be at the time of demo or sharing updates with others.
There are some paid tools available in market which does the job however in this article, I am going to tell you about free android utility which helps you projecting mobile screen on the computer.

Name of the utility is Android Screen Monitor.


Android Screen Monitor:

The Android Screen Monitor (ASM) is an android tool to monitor mobile device screen on desktop or laptop.
ASM is an adb client, when it starts monitoring screen, ASM connects to adb on port 5037 and receives frame buffer continuously on the device or emulator and transfer image to your desktop screen.
ASM does provide features like Mobile screen rotation, Screen sizing & Image export.


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Robotium – Android Test Automation Framework – Introduction, Benefits & Limitations

What is Robotium ?

Robotium is an Android test automation framework for testing native and hybrid android mobile applications against mobile devices or emulators. It makes easy to write powerful and robust automated tests for Android applications. With the help of Robotium, testers can write function, system and user acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities.

Robotium Recorder:

Robotium earlier was available as open source android test automation framework however with the addition of Robotium Recorder it is now licensed tool. Robotium Recorder is available as a plugin for Android Studio and Eclipse. It helps in recording and creating professional android UI test cases.
Robotium Recorder has full support for native and hybrid Android applications and records all user interactions being performed.

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Android Development Tools (ADT) – Installing Eclipse Plugin – Android Apps Development & Testing

Eclipse IDE used to be part of Android SDK before however it has been pushed out of development with official release of Android studio by Google.

Even though eclipse is not included in Android studio, Android offers a custom plugin for Eclipse IDE, called Android Development Tools or in short ADT. This plugin extends the capabilities of Eclipse to let you quickly set up new Android projects to build, debug and test android apps.

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Mobile Applications Testing – Challenges & Approach, Strategy

Testing mobile applications is more complex, time consuming and costly process compared to traditional desktop and web applications testing as mobile applications need to be tested on various mobile devices and operating system under different network conditions.

In this technical article, I will explain various challenges involved in mobile applications testing.

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Selendroid v/s Appium : Mobile Application Test Automation Frameworks

Selendroid and Appium, both are open source mobile test automation framework offering great solution for mobile applications test automation using Selenium WebDriver. In this article, we are going to see the differences in these two great offering frameworks.

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Verification & Validation – Definition | Key Differences / Comparison

Verification and Validation are most frequently used terms in the software testing but the meaning of these terms are mostly vague and confusing.

Here is the short article to describe the meaning of each term and the differences in two.

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Software Quality Assurance (QA) v/s Software Quality Control (QC)

The terms Quality Assurance and Quality Control are often used interchangeably in the IT industry with testing professionals; many times, I have observed people talking about Quality Assurance when they actually mean is Quality Control.

Although QA and QC are closely related concepts of quality management, they are fundamentally different. Let’s see those key differences.

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Software Testing Terminologies : Severity & Priority

I’ve noticed, many people seem to get confused about Severity & Priority. There is also much conflicting information out there on the web so decided to have a nice explanation put together about severity, Priority & the differences in two.

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